New to the forum! Postively lifestyle blog looking to change the world!

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New to the forum! Postively lifestyle blog looking to change the world!

Post by TheDNAlife on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:51 pm

Hello everyone! I'm excited to be apart of this forum. A little about our company!

DNA is a two part company. One part corporate & one part lifestyle. Our corporate face is a media firm that specializes in high quality photography, video production, graphic & web design, screenprinting, app development, and marketing. Our second part is a lifestyle company that promotes art, bikes, DNA clothing, and DNA events. Operating as a tight knit team of designers, photographers, and videographers allows us to produce high quality work without incurring the costs or overhead of larger agencies.

As a self proclaimed artist collective, we seek to not only provide businesses with great services, but leave a positive impact in our communities. We want to promote a lifestyle that includes thinking out of the box, creating instead of destroying, teaching balance, bringing people of all creeds & colors together, eating & living healthy, self empowerment, and most importantly - creating love.

I'd love to connect with everyone on here. We post a lot of interesting stuff on our blog we'd love to share it with you. We are also looking to share links with blogs and backlinks. If your blog or website has something in common with ours, we'd be happy to share traffic!

Reach us at our:

Twitter : dnaimagery
Instagram: thednalife
Blog :
Corporate website:

Thanks for reading!


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