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Gold Canyon Candles, Best in the WORLD Empty Gold Canyon Candles, Best in the WORLD

Post by Money Smarts on Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:52 am

Besides the most delicious fragrance in each candle and the smiles and hugs you get when you deliver them, Gold Canyon also says being a Gold Canyon distributor is awesome "Because it’s all about you".

As per website, they contend that The core of a Gold Canyon career is a job where you can find a balance among family, life and career. A home-based business as an Independent Fragrance Consultant for Gold Canyon offers you the flexibility you need in your schedule, a rewarding compensation plan and the resources to make it achievable. Build a whole new career or simply earn some extra spending money. The choice is yours!

What’s your why? (courtesy of Gold Canyon Candles website)
Do you want to buy a new car? Are you saving to send a child to college? Are you looking to make new friends? Or do you need a new direction for your career? Whatever your reason for wanting to become a Consultant, you get all the resources you need to make your home-based business a success. Whether you sell at home Parties, catalog Parties, via Party Online, on your personalized website or through fundraisers, every Fragrance Consultant receives the same assistance:

A support team to show you the ropes, lend support and motivate you
Ongoing training on products and selling and networking techniques
Opportunities to develop your leadership skills
Marketing tools such as personal websites, e-newsletters, catalogs and samples
A generous incentive and recognition program for leaders and achievers

LOW START UP, $29 to START!!!!! Join HERE>>>>>>

See the most amazing candle line here>>>>>> [img]Gold Canyon Candles, Best in the WORLD Fr_lan12[/img]

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Gold Canyon Candles, Best in the WORLD Empty Re: Gold Canyon Candles, Best in the WORLD

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:35 am

We love candles and Alice is always candle shopping. I would think as our membership grows, cnadles will be a popular item! Be sure to post in the household forum to. Post in any categories that you think would be relevent.. Got a special deal? Post it in the Deals forum....... Be sure to send any of your connections to us and have them join us. We will quickly become and great place to promote products of all types.

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