Five Sites That Will Save You More

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Five Sites That Will Save You More Empty Five Sites That Will Save You More

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:55 pm

The Proven Money-Saving Model: Couponing

As Groupon grapples with mounting competition from Amazon and Google's (GOOG) new Offers service, why not take a look at the couponing sites that have spent years saving consumers oodles of moola? Here are five to get you started:

It claims to have coupons for more than 130,000 stores. Users post and vet coupons offered by merchants, including some obscure deals. Printable and grocery coupons are also featured, organized by ZIP code. The beauty? You need not sign up in order to save.

2. Upromise
A free portal that requires signing up, but each purchase kicks back a certain percentage into a qualified 529 college savings account. Preferred partners will always offer larger payments, but you can still create a meaningful stash for your offspring by purchasing just what you need.

Another free service that specializes in grocery couponing. Beware, though, the site is geared toward the obsessive. Only those willing to build a system on the order of what site founder Stephanie Nelson recommends can expect to glean much value.

The way to Groupon without clogging your email inbox. YipIt aggregates and recommends the best daily deals based on where you live. As of this writing, 728 services covering 93 cities feed into YipIt's database.

For the cheapskate diner. Enter either a ZIP code or destination city to find offers to buy gift certificates at a discount. Where we are, a $25 credit to a Latin American bistro my wife and I particularly enjoy sells for just $10. Registered users can also make reservations online.

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Five Sites That Will Save You More Empty Re: Five Sites That Will Save You More

Post by ZXjon on Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:05 am

Can you join even if you're not a mom?

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