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Extreme Grocery Coupons

Post by HealthyWaterForLess on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:10 am

Attention Extreme Coupon Clippers! Stop clipping, start clicking!

** Get $1,000 in grocery coupons for only $20.00 **

* Each Grocery Coupon voucher retails for $20 & can be redeemed for $1,000 in grocery coupons.
* Vouchers can be redeemed ONLINE or by mail.

** Normally, this membership costs $99.95, but if you Order your Grocery Coupon Vouchers today at http://ibourl.net/grocerycoupons you only pay $20.00, saving you $79.95.

How the Service Works
* Using the unique code on your coupon booklet, go online & set up your free user account.

* Browse hundreds of coupons, and add the coupons you need to your cart.

* You only pay 10% of the value of the coupons for processing + $.75 shipping! ($20 in
coupons = $2.75) You will be reimbursed for the 10% processing fee and $.75 shipping with extra coupons from your selections to cover your small investment.

Your coupon selections are mailed to you (usually within 8 hours) and should be to you within just a few business days.

Your unique authorization code is valid for one year, or $1,000 in grocery coupons (of your choice!), whichever occurs first.
Coupon Like MAD FAQ’s
Why should I use this site to get coupons?

1) Plain and simple
* to save money. We cover the entire U.S. to get coupons for you! Manufacturers often release
coupons in specific geographical locations to stimulate sales. Our coupons are obtained from coast to
coast, which gives you the greatest selection of coupons when you want them.

2) What types of coupons can I get?
* We offer manufacturer coupons (the same kinds of coupons that are in the Sunday
newspaper) which can be used at ANY grocery store that accepts coupons. NATIONWIDE!

3) Is there a charge?
* If you do not have a Grocery Savers authorization code, it costs $99.95 for an annual membership, which will automatically be added to your first order upon checkout. A Grocery Savers authorization code (which comes with each voucher) waives your $99.95 membership fee.

** Normally, this membership costs $99.95, but if you Order your Grocery Coupon Vouchers today at http://ibourl.net/grocerycoupons you only pay $20.00, saving you $79.95.

4) Why is there a charge? I can clip coupons from my Sunday newspaper for free.
* The coupons you receive by using this site are selected by you and are coupons that you actually want. We spend the time clipping, organizing, and sorting these coupons in our massive warehouse. * If you purchased a Sunday newspaper every week for a month, you would spend at least $8 per month for coupons you may never want or use. With our service, you order only the coupons you want and will USE.

5) How do I receive my coupons?
* Once you have completed your transaction, your order is electronically forwarded to
the fulfillment center, where your packet is assembled and mailed directly to your home.

6) How long does it take to receive my coupons?
* You should receive your coupon packet in 3 to 5 business days from the time you submit the online Coupon Selection Form.

7) How often can I order?
* Order as often and as many times as you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cool Can I receive notification when new coupon offers are available?
* Yes, we will be notifying you periodically of new coupons, great deals, and discounts you can take advantage for as a subscriber of this program.

9) Is there a minimum/maximum number of coupons that I must/can select?
* There is no minimum. You choose the savings that fits your family’s needs!
* You can choose as many different types of coupons as are available. However, there is a maximum of 5 coupons per type, per order.

10) Do the coupons have an expiration date?
* Yes, the expiration date is set by the manufacturer and is generally 90 days. This date will be displayed to you online.

11) Do the coupon offers change every month?
* Yes. Our inventory of coupons changes daily. We add new coupons every day to keep our database full and current.

12) Where can these coupons be redeemed?
* These coupons are the exact same coupons that are in the Sunday newspaper. They can be used at any supermarket or grocery store hat accepts manufacturer coupons. You are not restricted.

** Normally, this membership costs $99.95, but if you Order your Grocery Coupon Vouchers today at http://ibourl.net/grocerycoupons you only pay $20.00, saving you $79.95.

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