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Welcome To Darn Good Deals! Empty Welcome To Darn Good Deals!

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:55 am

Laughing Not a whole lot to say right now. We are busy adding new things every day. We are far from finished, but we are live and ready for you to use our site anyway you see fit. Our main goal right now is to bring users from all backgrounds together and have fun socializing! Marketers and shoppers together! We will update this post after we have been live for awhile. We have a very detailed profile for you to fill out and use.

As it stands right now 90 posts per forum will stay visable. As we get busier and more members join you will want to come back and repost when yours drops off. This will keep everything fresh and new. As memberships grows we can adjust so as to keep your post new and relevent.

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